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Research Update: Mobile brain scanners

Is there a place for these in Ayres’ Sensory Integration research studies in the future? Watching the little girl in my last post play outdoors I was thinking it would be great if she could be wearing one of the new mobile brain scanners just reported on yesterday.

It would be fantastic if we could actually see what is going on inside her brain as she jumps and leaps, and then has an adaptive response, as it happens. Will it be possible to capture those magic therapy moments in a discreet person friendly way?

I am imagining we will be able to do this kind of study quite soon, though the look and construction of the scanner will clearly need to be less scary and more robust. They will  need to change somewhat before we can use them safely in ASI studies; I can’t see these somewhat scary face mask type helmets being jumping, swinging, rolling, crawling and crashing safe. However, exciting times I’m sure, for the ASI practitioners and researchers who can get involved in this kind of development and study!

Read more about the wearable brain scanner here.


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