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The Teenage Brain and Cannabis

Recent research from Tel Aviv University suggests that smoking cannabis can trigger schizophrenia.

The study provides evidence that in susceptible young people, smoking or using cannabis trigger schizophrenia. Susceptible young people include those for whom there is a familial history of mental illness.

Reference: Hadar Segal-Gavish, Neta Gazit, Yael Barhum, Tali Ben-Zur, Michal Taler, Shay Henry Hornfeld, Irit Gil-Ad, Abraham Weizman, Inna Slutsky, Minae Niwa, Atsushi Kamiya, Akira Sawa, Daniel Offen, Ran Barzilay. BDNF Overexpression Prevents Cognitive Deficit Elicited by Adolescent Cannabis Exposure and Host Susceptibility InteractionHuman Molecular Genetics, 2017; DOI: 10.1093/hmg/ddx139

You can read hear more about cannabis and the adolescent brain here:


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