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The Adult/ Adolescent Sensory History.

We teach all about this form on our Mental Health Workshop, where we introduce its use as a valuable screening tool to understand if clients have sensory integration difficulties including sensory modulation, sensory perception/discrimination and praxis difficulties.

You will also consider how to use this tool for screening to help provide your clients, their family and care staff with ideas for reasonable accommodations and ways to support the person in their care. The emphasis of our 2-day workshop is on how to support the person, in their environment with occupation in it’s broadest sense. Using the PEO and PEOP model we work with therapists to consider how to use the data this form provides to help support early intervention.

For therapists undertaking more advanced education and their ASI Wise CLASI Certification in Ayres’ SI, and working with clients beyond childhood, we explore these tools and the valuable data it contributes to data-driven decision making as part of comprehensive assessment and intervention planning for complex clients. The tool is suitable for use across a range of settings and diagnosis, with normative data available for both the self-report and carers version.  The carers version is suitable for those who cannot report including older adults with dementia and clients in crisis.

Reasonably priced and available from the Spiral Foundation who ship this quickly to the UK and Ireland, the complete resource Adult/Adolescent Sensory History includes

  • self-report questionnaire

  • caregiver questionnaire for parents/ caregivers of those unable to self-report

  • shortened/abridged self-report for those not be able to complete the full self-report questionnaire

  • a medical and developmental history form

  • excel based scoring program that generates standardised scores of the full self-report and caregiver questionnaire to assist in identifying discrete patterns of sensory challenges in processing and integrating sensory information

The tool assists therapist in clinical reasoning, goal setting and intervention planning.

For more information:

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Read research about this tool: Concurrent Validity of the Adult/Adolescent Sensory History (ASH)

Book on a workshop to learn more now:

Sensory Integration and Mental Health

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