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Telehealth, Occupational Therapy and Ayres’ Sensory Integration at Home 1

Telehealth and Ayres’ Sensory Integration in Occupational Therapy. Using Ayres’ Sensory Integration to inform self regulation strategies at home following a telehealth consultation to address underlying sensory challenges.

His mum said “This worked well. Stopped the early morning sirens after this. 😂”.

His OT, Kath Smith, who has used telehealth since 2013 to support families living remotely said “Yay – OT advice online does work! – Please could I post this out? We are trying to support OT’s new to telehealth who are terrified to give advice online to families stuck at home.”

Join us to learn more here: Telehealth, Occupational Therapy and Ayres’ SI in practice

Password: Tech123

Ideas and support at home: Sensory Stuck at Home

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