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Sensory Stuck at Home Free Resource for Sharing: Sensory Fun 1 using your muscles to move

Being stuck indoors will be a challenge for families across the world. Moving helps us stay well and keep well. But how to do it while we are social distancing?

Here are some ideas and suggestions.

Other Proprioception rich activities include:

  • floor push-ups
  • playing in the wi-fit
  • any thing where you need to lift, push or pull heavy objects (including your own body weight)
  • wall squats
  • climbing over climbing frames, swinging across monkey bars – not in the park!
  • rolling over a gym ball and walking forward on your hands
  • bouncing on a gym ball or trampoline (this also adds input to your vestibular system)
  • crawling under sofa cushions, duvets, tables covered in blankets, between chairs and through tunnels
  • squishing play dough, therapy putty or plasticine
  • baking: kneading, rolling, using cookie cutters
  • gardening – mowing, digging, weeding, raking, using a wheelbarrow, pulling out hose, lifting plant pots (but not too heavy)



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