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A great publication: Normal Life is Disrupted

What a fantastic resource, by OT Lorrae Mynard, freely shared. Grounded in the theories of Occupational Therapy, it is practical great advice for maintaining balance at this very tricky time.

The resource Normal life has been disrupted – Managing the disruption caused by COVID-19″ is freely shared.

COVID-19 is causing widespread disruption to daily life for people across the world. While supporting social distancing recommendations and movement restrictions to keep our communities safe from the virus, we also need to be mindful of how disruption can affect our mental health, fitness and occupational health.”

Mynard, L 2020

Please do share with friends and colleagues

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You can also  download a copy here: Normal Life is Disrupted

For more support coping at home in these unprecedented times, please visit:

Sensory Stuck at Home

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