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Ayres’ Sensory Integration at Home – Occupational Therapy Telehealth 2

We are supporting over 100 OT’s, PT’s and SLT’s and others in related roles, new to telehealth to just take the leap and go online. Working to support families stuck at home online via telehealth is making a difference across the UK and Ireland, but also further afield.

This family put sensory strategies including heavy work and rough and tumble play into practice – using Zoom allows occupational therapists to see inside the home and watch strategies being put into action.

Providing coaching and consultation online works. Therapists should use assessment data to drive intervention.

Telehealth Occupational Therapy is proving a valuable contact and support to families stuck at home during Covid-19.  If you are a therapist, join our group online via FB to learn more about using Ayres’ Sensory Integration to inform self-regulation strategies at home following a telehealth consultation to address underlying sensory challenges.

His mum said after 2 activities

“This worked well. Stopped the early morning sirens after this. 😂”.

His OT, Kath said

“Yay – OT advice online does work! – Please could I post this out?”

Kath has used telehealth in rural Cornwall since 2013 to support families living remotely. Read more and access free resources to help put sensory integration strategies online:

For free resources and links to support families at home online see

[Password: Tech123]

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