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ICEASI Training Advice: Covid-19

Our internationally accredited modular programme CLASI Certification Ayres Sensory Integration is changing to accommodate Covid-19. In discussion with CLASI and ICEASI, we are offering an amended modular programme pathway. We are also considering the need for therapists to have skills in the application of Ayres’ Sensory Integration via telehealth as part of these adjustments to our education programme.

We will be notifying everyone already booked on our M3 and M6 modules over the next 2 weeks about new dates for their learning about assessment or intervention during Covid-19. We will do this via email.

“exceptional teaching by experienced therapists with many years of working in ASI  – their breadth of knowledge across clinical areas makes this learning relevant to all.”

It is now possible to proceed across the entire modular programme, with additional online live interactive demonstration and tutoring in real-time being provided for all the benefits of doing traditional classroom-based modules.

” approachable and supportive tutors – making it possible to learn skills online, even for those who are more practical learners ”

“the opportunities to be a part of and see so many case studies in the tutor group enables me to relate ASI to my clinical practice, supporting clinical reasoning and intervention planning even during Covid-19 “

We will be providing this adapted modular programme while social-distancing and NHS and other employer travel restrictions prevent travel to face to face in-person attendance. This allows therapists to sign up or progress their training today.

” throughout the Covid Pandaemic teaching and tutoring has continued via webinars, interactive tutorials and discussion sessions on zoom – it’s like being in the classroom, but from the comfort of your own home”

Our current online offer includes live interactive, face to face learning using platforms that facilitate the delivery of personalised and individualised telehealth. This also means we can help to familiarise our module participants with the available technology that can be used to continue practice online during these unusual times.

” amazed by the creative ways you have supported our learning through Covid-19 “

We have already adapted our ongoing assessment and intervention tutor sessions for current learners to facilitate not only learning but also clinical practice via telehealth; assessment and intervention.

Click here for more information about our online learning opportunities.

ICEASI Covid-19 Adaptations

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