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Join the Conversation: “BPD” is a term that we agree needs to change – here is more why…

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Great listening about trauma and those conversation about the “BPD” and “EUPD” terms used as part of the diagnosis.

In the study we did, Brown, Shanker and Smith 2009, we were keen to make the links between early trauma and sensory integration and processing difficulties that could explain the reasons many people’s lived experiences are so often misunderstood, and care is without focus on the early trauma, and ignorant to changes to the way the body and brain are wired, that so many of us OT’s recognise underpin this tricky diagnosis. Their attempts to cope with extreme distress and discomfort from sensations that don’t trouble people without a trauma history, completely misunderstood and often judged.

Read more here:

Sensory Ladders and Self Regulation

Early trauma is stored in the body via the senses, this is why therapy through the senses is effective

OT News Article

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Listen to a young lady describe her sensory overload.

Listen to OT Kier Harding in this video.

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