FAQ: M1, M3 and M6 Modules Online

M1 M3 M6 Online FAQ:

Q: How will the modules work online?

A: The modules will run on an online platform. We will be using Zoom, which provides break-out rooms and face to face interactive teaching.  

M3 will run over 4 days but with a gap between days – this allows you time to practice on family and friends.

M6 will be delivered over two weekends, to facilitate intensive learning and work in peer groups between the weekends. 

Q: I prefer to learn face to face in a classroom setting, what are my options?

A: The CLASI and ASI Wise teams have looked carefully at the module materials to consider ways to teach these online using telehealth type technology. Every endeavour will be made to ensure each delegate gets the learning that they need, and we will work closely with delegates to ensure that their knowledge enables them to then develop skills for practice.

  1. Proceed with support and online tutoring
  2. Delay until COVID restrictions, and NHS training guidelines make it viable for the modules to run face to face once again.
  3. We will also be running catch up face to face weekend tutored boot camps once COVID-19 is over for all delegates who have proceeded with online learning. These will run in the regular module cities; Bristol (M3) and Truro (M6).

Q:  How will I do my case study with COVID-19, as I am still not seeing clients face to face?

A: As part of the CLASI CASI Certification, assignments including 2 Case Studies need to be completed.

See the link to the module assignment requirements. Delegates completing the online modules will be able to postpone their submission until they can work with clients to fulfil assignment requirements.

Some delegates have completed parts of their assessment using telehealth. Support to understand how to do this will be offered during the modules. A short webinar about telehealth is available here, and additional learning about assessment and intervention using telehealth will be made available during the modules.

 Q: I am keen to complete my ASI Certification, will this mean I cannot progress until I have done my presentation for M1 or my case study for M3?

A: We will support therapists to where possible complete as much or their assignment as possible using a range of methods including telehealth. Access to the modules and learning materials is flexible to reflect the challenges of working and everyday life, and now even more so during COVID-19. Please see www.cl-asi.org/FAQ  for more information.

While we usually recommend taking the modules in order, during COVID-19 people can move on and go back to the live modules when these are available.

  • M1 (Ayres Sensory Integration Theory) – These lessons in ASI theory can be completed over time, and review of this information throughout the program is recommended. While it will be helpful to complete M1 before M2 & M3, it is not essential. However, it will be a challenge to sufficiently synthesize the information in lessons M4 – M6 if M1 has not been completed.
  • M2 (Comprehensive Assessment in ASI) – The lessons in ASI assessment must be completed before M3 since this module provides essential information for administering and scoring a variety of assessment tools which will be only briefly reviewed and then practised in M3.
  • M3 (Hands-on Comprehensive Assessment in ASI) – This online module is about seeing and hearing about ASI live. During the module, you will get live hands-on practice, and course assessment information must be completed before being awarded the CLASI-CASI Certificate. The tests which are learned and practised first with family and friends will be used to evaluate a child with valid and reliable results being confirmed in live tutor sessions so that you can then interpret the data.
  • M4 (Clinical Reasoning in ASI) – ASI clinical reasoning is needed before M6 because you will need to do the problem identification portion of clinical reasoning before the problem solution, which is your intervention.
  • M5 (Evidence-Based ASI Intervention Including Fidelity to Intervention) – The ASI fidelity measure will be needed before completion of the whole certificate program because you will be asked to rate your and others’ intervention sessions. This module needs to be completed before you undertake M6.
  • M6 (Evidence-Based ASI Intervention Hands-on Practice and Review Live – Learning about ASI live, as part of developing skills for hands-on intervention is best completed when you have a firm foundation in theory, assessment, and principles of intervention.

Q: I wanted to do M1 in the classroom? What is happening about M1?

A: As the M1 content is already offered online, people who would like more interactive learning about Neuroscience now have an opportunity to access additional live interactive online zoom sessions to add to the existing online module.

These zooms will be live and interactive and the topics covered will include an introduction to the neuroscience of the individual sensory systems and the theory of Ayres’ SI with application to case study and practical work in break out rooms, including the development and presentation of the assignment for this module.

The additional cost to complete these live tutorials will be £30 per hour. Delegates completing all 5-hour long practical sessions in addition to M1 online will be eligible to present their assignment to a peer tutor group.

Q: I really don’t like to learn online, what are my options?

A: You will be able to postpone your learning to post COVID-19. We can hold your place on the module you have already booked onto. This will keep your place on that module at the price that you have booked.

ASI Wise reserves the right to make changes to the modular programme, lecturers and venues for postponed modules. Delegates will be given sufficient notice of all and any changes, to cancel or reschedule should dates and venues offered to be unsuitable at the time.

Please contact us via our Telegram and What’s App groups to answer all other general questions and if you have any further more personal issues and queries, please email us at hello@asi-wise.org

Please note that the lecturers are all working therapists, so replies to personal queries and questions may take up to 5 working days to receive a response.