The International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration (ICEASI) provides global standards for education in ASI.

ICEASI has developed a set of principles to guide the education of allied health professionals; OT, PT and SLT to ensure therapist who have completed training to the ICEASI standards will have the competencies required to ensure best practice of Ayres’ Sensory Integration as part of their professional practice as an OT, PT or SLT.

The ICEASI levels specify competencies for Practitioner Level (ICEASI Level 2), which includes the skills to deliver intervention and engage in reflective practice.

ASI Wise Directors were involved in contributions to the development of these proposed pathways in their then roles at SI Network at a meeting held in London and at meetings in LA (Mandy), Portugal (Kath and Ros) and Finland (Kath. Mandy and Ros).

The authors of the article below included the CEOs and Leads of all international organisations that contributed at this meeting. ASI Wise was established to ensure Occupational Therapists in the UK and Ireland continue to access teaching and training that would meet these proposed international standards of education required to practice ASI.

Baltazar Mori, A., Carrasco Koester, A., Holland, D., Fernandes, P., Gray Rogers, R., Smith Roley, S., Soechting, E., & Van Jaarsveld, A. (2017). Building competency in SI: Evidence based guidelines for occupational therapy using Ayres Sensory Integration®. OT Practice, 22(12), 8–13.

Compentancy in SI

©ICEASI 2017 in Mori et al 2017, AOTA OTP Volume 22 Issue 12 p 8 – 13.

ASI WISE work in collaboration with similar organisations across the globe share knowledge and learning, including with ICEASI.

This working relationship with ICEASI started with Mandy, Ros and Kath representing the needs of ASI in the UK and Ireland at the earlier group called ICESI, part of a global collaborative that met at R2K and the ESIC ICESI meetings in Portugal, Finland, Birmingham and Austria before the formal launch of ICEASI at a meeting at ISIC in 2018.

ICEASI’s Mission: (see

1. The overall purpose of ICEASI is to provide an inclusive, supportive community, that promotes best practice and work to raise standards of education and training in Ayres Sensory Integration®(ASI®).

2. This purpose will be achieved by the following objectives:

  • to coordinate activities by maintaining a liaison with international organizations;
  • to promote the unrestricted and complete exchange of knowledge among the member associations of the ICEASI;
  • to exchange knowledge through publications and scientific meetings/congresses;
  • to facilitate and extend study possibilities in and among the various countries with a member society;
  • to standardize education in common agreement for the professions of Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapists leading to ICEASI acknowledged International Certification in Ayres Sensory Integration®;
  • to promote and support a research network in Ayres Sensory Integration®;
  • to upheld standards of education in Ayres Sensory Integration®.

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