About ASI Wise

Quality educational programmes promoting excellence and research in the practice of Ayre’s Sensory Integration. Taught by therapists with Experience and Expertise. Creating learning to and beyond Certification in ASI for Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapy.

Working with Integrity in partnership with organisations across the globe, we are able to bring you the benefit of the latest research and developments in Ayres Sensory Integration. We are also and most importantly an active online Community of Practice, ready to Engage with you, every step of the way;

  • Supporting your learning 
  • Discovering fresh ideas
  • Creating and Innovating 
  • Answering questions Together

Read more about the partner organisations we promote and work in collaboration with here. These are not commercially driven relationships, they are partnerships to enhance the support we offer everyone who engages with us.

What People Say About ASI Wise

“Go for it! You will not be disappointed and will come away with lots of information which will help in your practise. Brilliant for people who are new to sensory integration but also really useful for professionals already aware of sensory integration. Can’t wait for the next one!”


“I hadn’t realised how much information I’d assimilated until 3 days after the course and that’s when I had a bit of a wow! ‘Lightbulb ‘ moment! Now I can’t wait to refine and learn more about ASI. Having time to reflect has also reinforced just how great the teaching for Module 3 has been and how fantastic the ongoing support post M3 from the ASI WISE Team is proving to be.

You won’t regret it. It’s quite honestly the most relevant, beneficial course I’ve ever been on. The team, teaching and the course format works.”


“I think sometimes the OT focus can be lost in some specialist training but I felt this was present throughout, and the learning was always brought back to how it affects some in activities of daily living. Thank you for a very inspiring training.

Don’t cry because it’s [workshop] over, smile because it happened.”


Building a Community of Practice Together